Zensho: A Sumptuous Spectacle

My boyfriend and I are usually on the hunt for the best and most delicious food deals in town. And as we are celebrating our  thirty-fifth month together,  we decided to try the ala carte Japanese buffet in Zensho, a Japanese restaurant along Tomas Morato which is near my home.

We arrived at Zensho around 7 in the evening and lo and behold,  there were a lot of people already and it was a weekday (**February 6th, to be exact).

But despite that,  we were still able to get good seats. For our first set of orders,  we had salmon sashimi (an ultimate favorite of mine),  assorted sashimi, ebi tempura,  U.S. steak,  and oysters! 

The sashimis were the first to be served. Their salmon sashimi was prepared and served fresh. In fact, I like how their sashimi was prepared as compared to Nihonbashitei. The same thing with their assorted sashimi which consists of salmon sashimi,  tuna sashimi, blue marlin sashimi and crabstick. Salmon and tuna sashimi are always to die for but I have never been a fan of crabsticks. Blue marlin sashimi is just okay. Next came the ebi tempura.  Again it exceeded my expectations. The flour/breading used to coat the prawn was just right unlike other Japanese restos where the breading overpowers the prawn. The prawn itself is fresh and well-cooked and the best thing is the quantity!  Imagine 10 pieces of this ebi tempura, my boyfriend and I had 5 apiece.

After a few minutes, the friendly staff served us with the U.S. steak which is probably one of my favorites here!  The meat itself was perfectly-cooked,  the sauce is flavorful enough and you can feel the juices of the meat as they oozed inside your mouth. Definitely a melt in the mouth goodness! The slices are just right for me – no need for a knife and easy to chew.

And lastly for our first set,  we had the belle of the ball,  the talk of the town…  The oysters!!! It deserves a separate post and a separate picture than the other food items on the menu. Oozing and packed with gooey cheesiness,  it did not disappoint.

The best food item on the Zensho menu. I love you, dearest oysters!!!

The baked oysters was sheer perfection and a must-try on the Zensho menu. As my boyfriend put it,  the oysters are fresh on its own and can stand alone but the cheese and the way it was baked made it a knockout.

As we were still not full enough,  we had a second set of orders.

For our second set,  we had salmon sashimi (again! Hahaha),  Bacon and cheese tonkatsu, yakiniku,  sukiyaki steak (not pictured here)  and ika fry.


The bacon and cheese tonkatsu was our least favorite among the food items we ordered. It seems like I cannot taste the meat at all.  I am not even sure whether it is really pork. Same goes with the bacon. I kept looking for the bacon but I just cannot find it. The cheese too was not oozing and gooey like that of the oysters. Overall,  this is the dish I would never recommend for those future Zensho-goers. Don’t be fooled with the cheese and bacon.

The yakiniku and sukiyaki steak were just okay. My boyfriend said the sukiyaki steak was rather salty as well. Overall, I still prefer the US steak we ordered in our first set. And now,  my third favorite,  the ika fry. The cuttlefish was so tender and succulent. And again, the coating was just right like that of the ebi tempura.

For our desserts,  we had the halo-halo and the mango graham cake.

Their halo-halo was good enough as well as their mango graham cake. It was not too sweet which is perfect for me!

Overall,  it was a 4/5. There are items we did not like but most items exceeded our expectations. But what truly blew me away is how professional their staff were. Despite the number of guests,  they still managed to keep everything in check and they were still able to provide commendable service until the very end. After all,  what makes a restaurant last is not only the good food but the people working behind it.

So thank you, Zensho!

With all my love for food, 



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