Royal Indian Curry House: Authentic Indian Cuisine

Ever since I was a kid, I have always been mistaken for an Indian/Middle Eastern girl. My mom will frequently get comments that I do not look Filipino at all. And I remember thinking that maybe I am adopted because I never looked like my siblings anway. Looking different from my fellow Filipinos has been a source of frustration and humor for me. There was even a time when a foreign national I was with in the elevator, asked me if I were a celebrity or not. There were times when waiters speak to me in English because they thought I was not Filipino at all. But I am definitely Filipino and a proud one too!

But some people still do not want to believe that I am Filipino. My boyfriend who is part-Chinese constantly teases me about it. He keeps on telling me that shawarma is my favorite food. And whenever he sees Indians/Arabs, he will always tell me “Tito/Tita mo!  (Your uncle/aunt)”.

And I play around with it. After all, I also tease him “singkit (chinky-eyed)” or even call him siopao,  xiao long bao at times. So when he heard about a legit Indian restaurant in Makati, he definitely wanted to try it to see if it will please an “authentic” Indian like me. And we were not disappointed.

The Royal Indian Curry House or R.I.C.H is located in Barangay Poblacion in Makati City,  near Century City. The interiors and facade of the restaurant were enough to keep us excited all evening. Just look at the plush velvet chairs and the ceiling itself. I am in love!!

I cannot wait to eat!!!
Kong hei fat choi. Siopao. Xiao long bao. Wo ai ni 😂😁

There were already people in the restaurant as early as 6 pm so it is best to call for a reservation especially if you are coming in groups of four or more so you will get the best seats. As this is our first time to try Indian food, we asked the friendly servers for their best sellers. For appetizer,  we had chicken samosa. And then we also had buttered chicken and saffron rice. Then we decided to try their cheese naan. I remembered trying naan when I was in Kuala Lumpur last year so we decided to see if their naan will taste better that what I had in Malaysia. And lastly,  we had two orders of sweetened lassi which is basically their yogurt shake.

The waiter then brought these three sauces/dips – spicy sauce, coriander and tamarind sauce. The spicy sauce is just OK. I love their coriander sauce but their tamarind sauce is a revelation!  It was a perfect balance of sweet and sour.

The tamarind sauce is to die for!!

Then came the stars of the night. The waiter first brought the chicken samosa. Four pieces of flavorful,  meaty goodness!  It was meaty and delicious and it was worth the price. You can pair it with the sauces especially the tamarind sauce. Their samosas are already filling and we were able to finish one order before the other food items were brought. That is how delicious the samosas are and that is also how hungry we are. Oink oink.


Next came our remaining orders,  the cheese naan,  saffron rice and the buttered chicken.

The cheese naan is my favorite!  The flatbread was soft and baked to perfection. It does not crumble every bite and goes well with the melted cheese!  I just hope that they added more cheese in it so that the cheese will ooze from the flatbread. Imagine a perfectly-baked bread oozing with cheese! I cannot.  I hope Royal Indian Curry House reads this because I wanted more of their cheese 😂

Hello my love,  why are you hiding?  Let me bite on your sticky,  gooey goodness LOL

The saffron rice was also good and in fact we were not able to finish it. It might be because we were already stuffed with the chicken samosas and the cheese naan. And finally the buttered chicken. The sauce is not too spicy but it is definitely flavorful. The spices go well together to make the perfect buttered chicken curry. The only thing I do not like about the dish is that there were were only four small pieces of chicken. It is quite expensive. But the sauce made up for it.

Overall,  it was a wonderful experience. We were extremely satisfied with the service and the food. Although I really wish they add more cheese in their naan and I would be in love forever! I cannot wait to be back and to taste their other dishes. In fact, at that time,  I would not mind being mistaken for an Indian. They have one of the world’s most flavorful dishes and not to mention India produces some of the world’s greatest minds. Sundar Pichai, hello!!! And I hope someday Filipino food and my fellow Filipinos will also get the same recognition globally that they deserve.

With so much love for food,



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