Buffalo Bros: Inexpensive Comfort Food

Social media has truly taken the world by storm. Pieces of information are easily passed on from one person to another.  Gossips and rumors about celebrities and politicians are quickly known in a couple of minutes as compared before. At the same time, it has become a new channel for emerging businesses to easily make their products and services known. In fact, new restaurants/food parks/food stalls in the country use social media to easily gain the attention of potential customers. Sponsored advertisements on Facebook and Instagram by food establishments alone amassed thousands of likes with their mouthwatering photos promising of unlimited supply of their food at a cheap price for a limited time.

So when my boyfriend saw Buffalo Bros in Maginhawa offering unlimited ribs,  wings,  pizza tacos,  rice and iced tea at Php (Philippine peso)  399.00, we decided to give it a try. I was a little hesitant at first because at such an inexpensive price,  I am expecting the worst. But hey,  food is still food. So on Saturday afternoon,  we found ourselves traversing Quezon Avenue on our way to Maginhawa to visit Buffalo Bros.

He is already hungry 😂



Saturday traffic is a normal occurrence here

Maginhawa is a long stretch of road in Quezon City accentuated with a number of food establishments offering comfort food at a cheaper price. We easily saw Buffalo Bros because of the instructions they posted on social media. But you can always use Waze as it is a recognizable location in the app.

When we arrived, there were already several people dining inside although it was a quarter before 6 in the evening.

For those who are in the hunt for “instagrammable” restaurants,  Buffalo Bros is not the place for you. The interiors are just okay, not too fancy, and it kind of reminds you of home. And there is a television too!  😁 and free wifi!  But the owner will be the one to input the wifi password on your phone for you.


Anyway, when we arrived,  the woman near the counter which we assumed is the owner handed us their menu. Their food is relatively cheap as compared to high-end restaurants or other food establishments. Although we have already decided to avail of their unlimited promo which is available until May.




The owner gave us these forms to fill in. The food is served family platter style. It is still unlimited meaning you can order as many as you want but you have to ask for a form again and indicate the quantity. For our first round,  we decided to have 4 pizza tacos, 6 Dennis the Menace wings,  6 Garlic Parmesan wings, 1 rice for my boyfriend (I am such a poser for not ordering rice 😂), 1 half rack of ribs and 2 glasses of iced tea.

The iced tea was brought first.  And then several minutes after,  the food was brought in.


The iced tea does not taste like 75% of it is water which is a good thing as some establishments put too much water or too much ice. Although it is not anything special,  it just tastes like your regular powdered iced tea drink.


On the other hand, those four round pizza tacos are my ultimate favorite!  It was good.  The toppings are just right,  it is not lacking nor is it too much. I love how they grated the cheese on top. The cheese is great and it honestly complements the sauce.

The wings on the other hand is just okay. It does not actually taste like buffalo wings,  honestly. It just tastes like fried wings with some additional spices and toppings. In fact,  their garlic parmesan wings does not taste like they were coated with a garlic parmesan mixture. The parmesan was just sprinkled on top just to say that it is garlic parmesan-flavored. But I like how they cooked the chicken so I think it is still okay for me but not something I will order and go back to everytime. The Dennis the Menace wings taste relatively better than the garlic parmesan wings but it is not that spicy,  just right.

Their ribs on the other hand are just right especially for the price, not anything special. But who am I to complain when we can eat unlimited ribs at Php 399.00 right? 😂

Halfway through devouring our first family platter,  I am already full. But we decided,  we have not tasted all flavors for the wings yet so we ordered some more. The joint’s buffalo wings which is ketchup-based is just fried wings drenched in Del Monte Ketchup. I would rather have their garlic parmesan wings over this anytime. I like their honey garlic wings though maybe because I love honey so much although my boyfriend does not like it. If I were to rank each one from highest to lowest, it would be the Honey Garlic Wings,  then Dennis The Menace,  followed by Garlic Parmesan and finally the Joint’s wings.

Although I will visit this rarely or once in a blue moon. Overall,  Buffalo Bros is a great comfort place to hang out especially for students or for those who wanted to fill their bellies without the extra cost.


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