I have always been one of those kids who have their whole lives already planned or dictated by the people around them. Growing up, my paternal grandfather wanted a lawyer in each generation of our ever-growing family. My uncle is one so they coaxed my older cousins to take up Law. My older female cousin, … Continue reading Undecided


A Short Story

She died peacefully in her sleep.  A thin,  curved smile was painted on her face when she finally said goodbye. I never said goodbye. That was a week ago. It really did not matter anyway. I have always been alone. She goes to work at 7 in the morning and reaches home at around 10 … Continue reading A Short Story

Savior (Tagapagligtas)

This marks the first time I have ever written a poem published in Filipino. I never had any difficulties writing any form of poetry as the words flow easily. But writing in your native language is more difficult because you feel the emotions more. As my fellow Pinoys put it, "tagos sa puso". To my … Continue reading Savior (Tagapagligtas)

“Bon Muppet-it” with Kermit Manila

Growing up,  I have always been the quiet,  shy girl (and I still am)  as most people probably knew.  It took me a while to open up and to share a piece of my soul (not literally)  with other people. To be able to connect with others on such a deep, emotional level gives a … Continue reading “Bon Muppet-it” with Kermit Manila

What does PINK mean to you?

What does the color pink mean to you? I randomly thought of this while relaxing on a Thursday afternoon after work. Well, if you ask me, pink has always been my favorite color. It symbolizes love, affection and compassion. Basically all of the good things the world can offer and who would not want that? … Continue reading What does PINK mean to you?

An Afternoon at Chaplin

Everything nowadays is too fast-paced. Technology is continuously updating every month. Life has been quite demanding recently. Social media has been both a boon and a bane. And sometimes, all we want is a breath of fresh air from these daily demands. So some of my office friends and I decided to catch up together … Continue reading An Afternoon at Chaplin

Frango’s Piri-Piri Chicken: A New Gem in Quezon City

Living near Tomas Morato Avenue,  a strip of restaurants and eateries in Quezon City, has its advantages and disadvantages.  Whenever I feel hungry and crave for something, I have many possible options, all at a reasonable distance from my home. However, it is also a struggle to lose weight when temptations surround you everyday. While … Continue reading Frango’s Piri-Piri Chicken: A New Gem in Quezon City

Le Petit Soufflé: A Haven for Matcha & Taro Lovers

My family and Patrick both know that I have always loved anything with matcha or taro. Lattes,  milk teas,  teas - name it and I will definitely have a taste.  So I was truly ecstatic when I heard that a French-Japanese café was opened last 2015 in Century City Mall which offers matcha and taro … Continue reading Le Petit Soufflé: A Haven for Matcha & Taro Lovers

La Tienda: A Spanish Fiesta

My family and close friends know that I have always loved Spanish food, next to Filipino cuisine of course (love your own!). It must be the sumptuous paella negra I first tasted as a kid or the callos  my mom cooks at home. Not to mention, the gambas which I thoroughly enjoyed and the jamon serrano which is a staple during Christmas or … Continue reading La Tienda: A Spanish Fiesta